Posted by: dean | October 3, 2008

Spam, the new fuel…. for bikers

Hormel profits up 14% first quarter! Seems Americans are eating more Spam. Who’d have guessed? A 12-ounce can averages $2.62. Cheaper that gas! Put it in your belly and ride a bike. ”

From this awesome blog called The Emperors new SUV.  Not too much bike content, but makes me wanna ride my bike. 

I tried googling ‘spam & bike’ but nothing yet.



  1. spam haiku from this page

    Do splits over SPAM
    Inhale all of its goodness
    Now go ride your bike
    –Kaka Poohpoo

    Bike! Cancer be damned!
    Lance Armstrong has more balls than
    a large can of SPAM.
    –Reed Monroe

    To avoid punctures
    Try filling your bike tires with
    Resiliant SPAM
    –Ryan Williams

    And for the bike jocks:
    Bicycle seats made of SPAM
    Scratch, sniff, and eat stuff.
    –Ruby Wright

    SPAM bicycle seat
    Ridden wildly by Katy
    My birthday present
    –Katy my lady, and she ain’t shady

  2. I thought we were talking about electronic SPAM.

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