Posted by: dean | September 17, 2008

Bike it, you’ll like it.

Commuting is the new racing and the bike market is slowly changing. There are still one trick pony race bikes, campy’s gone to 11 speed ,but there are lots of really cool VERSATILE! bikes out for sale. These bikes seem like they’d be killer for a do mostly anything bike….go anywhere, quickly, with luggage, comfortably, touring, club rides, rail trails, fire road/canal explorer, commuting, grocery getting, wheelie popping.    

Van Dessel Country Road Bob  (Morristowns own!)
Raleigh Clubman and Sojourn

This is rare enough to write about…Today I saw a fellow bicycle commuter / utility cyclist (whats a good umbrella term for riding with purpose other than exercise and fun??) It was awesome, I said hi. She looked totally hep, riding quickly and confidently with some panniers bulging.

Peace & bikes





  1. Saw the Volpe last night and i was impressed with the tire selection they went with. Beefy and from what Warren said it good on the roads.

  2. Now that I have a rear rack, I need to get some panniers. I’m hating the 30 to 40 lbs I carry on my back each ride.

  3. Racks are great, and with panniers, awesome!

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