Posted by: dean | September 13, 2008

Open bike weekend post up jammy jam. Where did you ride?

Out early afternoon for a ride up to JORBA Mt. Bike Fest.



  1. I rode the fixie to breakfast both sat. and sun. , mt. bike finally made it out for a trip to meet Ann and on to Mt. bike fest. Did’nt see any other riders riding to or from this event except for us and our buddies who hucked over the huge mountain. It was a pretty awesome low key fun relaxing event. (I stayed away from the 4 hour advanced group ride! : / ) Rode Raleigh bike to farm for fruit & veggies and a cat food run after that . I saw the unicyclist twice this weekend, hes a cool dude for sure, heckling me for having 2! wheels. I ate about my 20th snickers ice cream bar of the summer. ahh sweet. On my way out to the meximart for lunchmeats.

  2. Not true,

    I rode from home with hubby and 2 kids (7 year old on trail-a-bike & 2 year-old in trailer) to JORBA on Sat morning. It was nice to ride in on own steam vs. in an SUV with muddy mt. bike on back. Fun event.

  3. Didn’t ride anywhere, I was away the entire weekend, but I did get up to Amherst, MA and visit a local bike shop. I bought myself a rear rack. I’ll rig it up this evening.

  4. i rode your fixie around a little. Oh and last night i rode to Dominos to grab some of those bonless spicy chicken jams.

  5. Double Mad Props to LA. Its extra inspiring to me that you biked with the entire family! Awesome.

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