Posted by: dean | September 11, 2008

Bike Video Thursday

Glad that meeting was cancelled so I can finally get to Bike Video Thursday.  

Here we have what seems to be a nice Bike New York video with Hobokens finest, Yo La Tengo soundtracking.  Its crazy!  30,000 riders and this cameraperson happens to pass Ann, Rich & I riding the ride at about 54 seconds into the video.  Small World!   Shakey camera & Shakey song! 

And would’nt ya know it.  Ira & Georgia from Yo La Tengo are bike riding/fundraising for MS.  Check out the email they sent me…  Perhaps you’d like to give?

Hi everybody,
On October 5, Georgia and I will be participating in what used to be called the MS Bike Tour, but what now goes under the somewhat more ungainly name Bike MS New York City Traffic Free. Call it what you will, we will be be riding 30 miles around Manhattan, unless one or both of us decides to go wild and make a dash through the Lincoln Tunnel and take a spin around New Jersey too. (That’s what we did in 2005, Georgia topping out at 45 miles, me clocking in at 60.) And in the process try to raise some money in the fight against MS.
If you would like to sponsor one or both of us, we’ll be very grateful.

For Georgia:


For Ira:



Thanks so much.
As East River Pipe put it so eloquently: helmet on,







  1. holy crap that totally was you and ann!
    not that you are a lier but its pretty crazy

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