Posted by: dean | September 9, 2008

rain? meh.

FAQ of the day here at work has been, “You rode your bike here today! What happens if it rains on you? “Answer has been. “I get wet.”

I love the look on grown (tough?) mens faces when they think I’m crazy (he bikes in the rain and does’nt care about it too much? even thinks its kinda fun!?)

I go on to explain I only get wet if it really poors (the wind and body heat keep me dry in light sprinkles)

I have a waterproof cover for my pannier to keep my stuff and change of clothes dry. Fenders to keep my feet and butt dry.

In the colder months I will pack a waterproof shell and wool cap for the chilly rain.

But c’mon! Its a summer rain! Acid rain is a thing of the past! Toughen up!





  1. Some people really hate getting water on themselves.

  2. i never got the why people would sprint to their cars in the lot because of the rain. I just thought they were made of sugar.

  3. too funny that you posted this, when just today some ladies in the neighborhood were commenting about your bike dedication in the rain the other day!

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