Posted by: kendra | September 8, 2008

upcoming bike stuff!

I’m taking some time off, and turning off my computer for a couple of weeks. I know that is probably a big lie, but it could happen. If I do follow through with it, here’s some stuff you might want to know about. There is a JORBA thing,which Maribyrd is going to play at, and parking day, which I heard was going to happen in Morristown this year. I haven’t heard any details, but there is nothing stopping you from setting up your own parking space on September 19.
Also there is an MS Ride that is looking for volunteers.



  1. a commenter on the about page is looking for a bike route from Morristown to Black Lake, so if you can help him out that would be great. I had to google black lake to even find out where it was, because I actually don’t get out of Morristown very often.

    I think this is it

    Anyhow, the comment is on this page, if you can help him out.

  2. Friendly leashed dogs are allowed at the Mt. Bike fest in case anyone is innarested.

  3. Thats a nice long trip! But I think he may want a route to ride around Morristown.

  4. Parking day sounds awesome.

  5. Yeah, I don’t know if anyone is going to do it, but next year I am going to try to be around for it!

  6. If anyone would like to see more of my photos you can view or purchase them at The Hole Picture


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