Posted by: kendra | August 29, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Here’s an open thread! I’m thinking I’m going to spend the weekend posting my fav bike blogs in this thread, but I’m open to change! We’ll see what happens. If you have any favorite bike sites to share or want to post something you think was cool or you have just had too much wine or coffee, share your insights here.

I’m pretty excited about the Morristown bike ride tonight! Here’s a something I posted about it on the Morristown Green blog, and here’s a post by Rob Jennings from the Daily record about how the mayor of Denville, Ted Hussa, is going to ride his bike over to the ride Nice!

See you tonight! Have a great weekend!



  1. Man, I keep on saying I’m going to make it and then it never happens.

    My tread is so bald on my rear tire, that I didn’t risk riding it today. Plus my back is sore from loading lumber yesterday (project this weekend is to build raised beds for my wife’s garden).

    I’m going to get knew tires today! Have fun.

  2. New tires. sheesh.

  3. here’s a page from the guy who showed up the ride tonight that is biking around the globe.

  4. morristown green blurb on the ride

  5. Rags even has a post about the ride!

  6. Cool, I saw the globe rider while hanging out last night. (We all went out for ice cream, it was good seeing everyone out).


  8. Yours!? Nice! 26″ wheels? Awesome!
    Dig it?

  9. globe trekking Victor:

  10. Weird, I’ve been reading various blogs from around the country, and at least 3 of them were about their LHT.

    Good one!

  11. Here is a really great audio slide show about summer streets from the NYT, and at the end the guy calls it a “blizzard of bikes!”

  12. Bike looks good, wish I went with the LHT.

    Now get some racks!


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