Posted by: dean | August 27, 2008

Great Article, Central Nj Representin’ on Bikes!

Heres a news article about the resurgence  of bikes in Central NJ.  They talk to some bike commuters and practical cyclists and actually mention picking up milk by bike!!!  Imagine it!   Resourceful biking.



  1. The article is pretty optimistic tho!

  2. Nice find. The picture of Howie Glick is cool. That guy must be saddling about 100 lbs judging by all the bags he’s carrying.

  3. Looks like a briefcase on the back and two pannier on a front lowrider rack. Handlebar bag. I love the road hes on, a bridge? No shoulder, and I dont see a yellow line. Taking a big chunk of road for himself. Go!

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