Posted by: kendra | August 25, 2008


Have you seen the new Schwinn Cutter? $299!



  1. Someone sitting on the couch thinks it should have coaster brakes, but otherwise is awesome. Is it a good bike to knock around on? That seems like a great price.

  2. Yeah that is cheeeeap! Probly fun! Most bikes are. Less things to break & maintain on that bike.
    Those guys used coaster brakes did’nt they?

  3. Yeah, I think they did. Dave wishes it came with coaster brakes and dif handlebars and a roll of duct tape for your feet, but 299 seems good to knock around on?

  4. Pretty painted fenders for my imaginary new blue bike:

    I wonder if I can add enough stuff on to a light bike that it will weigh as much as my cruiser?

  5. here’s another thing I want for my imaginary bike collection, trix bike safety flag.

    Trix Bike Safety Flag Offer

    I had an ecology flag on my banana seat bike when I was little and I really want it back now. I know marty HAS one and he totally won’t hand it over.

  6. Wow, I’d never thought I’d see someone beat price point of $300 for a new fixed gear bike. And the bike doesn’t come with brakes.

  7. Hmm…almost makes me reconsider going into the fixie realm…

  8. I’m having trouble imagining riding a fixie up some of the hills around here. I was thinking of trying it out with a bike I’m not riding much. Just need a back wheel, cog, and a wee little brake lever. I think you can use existing stuff off yr. bike, disassemble the cassette, adding spacers, some loctite.

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