Posted by: kendra | August 21, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

I’m going off to Hartford, Connecticut, this weekend, and taking some super interesting items to Antiques Roadshow. If I don’t come back, it’s because they turned out to be worth 5 bazillion dollars, and I’m buying a town made up entirely of bike lanes and vegan restaurants that serve wine.

I’ll let you know where it is tho, don’t worry. I am also just staring a book called Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We do (and What It Says About Us), which does mention bikes, so you should check it out.

Also, it looks like the Morristown Critical Mass will have the Mayor and other dignitaries on it, and Katie, who sometimes takes pics from the green is going to Burning Man. If you know someone who wouldn’t mind taking some pics, that would be great. Rob Jennings asks about Critical Mass on his blog in the Daily Record here.

And finally, it looks like Dean is look for a sponsor, as bike commuting is the new racing. I think that is a pretty smart idea, so I might have to steal it.

And extra finally, here is a story about a bike thief who had 2,865 bikes!



  1. I think that metal bike commuter is from Hartford from reading his blog, but I didn’t put this in this post, because I didn’t want to seem stalky. I don’t know why I think it is less stalky to put it in the comments, but I want credit for paying attention, I think.

  2. Say hi to my buddies at

    These dudes seem cool.

  3. Yep, I’m from the Beat. Heh, I’m sorta glad I don’t live there anymore, but you might enjoy West Hartford to hang out in.

  4. Here’s a blog post on the Morristown Green with a pic of the flyer for next week’s ride.

  5. Anyone interested in an old english touring bike called a rudge? One of my neighbors has one in her garage that she was going to sell on ebay, but is thinking she might just put it up on craigslist or whatever. It has a pinetar problem right now.

  6. Put a bigger cog on it and you ‘might’ be able to ride the rudge on hills round here. But whats covered in pinetar?
    Bikes rule. I rode the Bianchi up Western today up and over along Sugar Loaf. Passed by only ~6 cars. The Bianchi rides pretty great, its light. But I got a big mother of a bent nail stuck in my tire this morning, back one, put in a new tube nice & easy but the tube was’nt quite new and the old crap patch fell off, slow leak flat by noon. So I patched the other tube. Put it back in. Now that ones leaking. I checked the tire & tube pretty thorough the last time. I was thinking of printing out that flyer saying how to ride as a ‘mass’ to hand around.

  7. 50 States, 100 Bike Blogs!

    I’m leaving any second for antiques roadshow! I am so excited! I hope they don’t tell me my stuff is crappy like last time when they were clearly just jealous.

  8. I was down at the shore this weekend and didn’t bring my bike. However, I did borrow my father inlaw’s Trek hybrid and rode around the Barnegat, Ocean Township area. I did about a 20 mile loop with a stop at a county park midway to rest. Good ride, and to be noted are their lack of hills along the shore/pine barrens area.

    One bonus, I found a new rail trail that just opened, that supposedly will run from Barnegat to Toms River. I was too tired to ride it on Saturday, but I’ll definitely check it out next visit.

  9. I had a fine leisurely ride on Sunday. Rode up the big hill to friends up in Lake Tranquility area, rode around with them in Gods country! So awesome. The corn fields are so tall right now. Took a dip in Cranberry Lake and ate NJ’s first ‘gastro pub’ called Salt in Byram. The food is really great, tons of beers, they have a bicycle hanging from a pole out in front of the building, with a *gasp*!! bike rack for bike parking! Yowza!

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