Posted by: dean | August 19, 2008

oh so random Tuesday

Heres a great newsletter with articles about pedestrians/cyclists/liveable towns.  They have a weekly great digest too.  Its some partnership between Rutgers and NJDOT.   Thanks for that.

Weather has cooled down a bit, it kinda feels like summer is ending.  Lets hope we have a proper fall this year.  Little bit chilly at night, busted out the knee warmers on the bike the other morning.  Got sweaty cause its still pretty humid.  Riding into the sun(rise or set) is a great way to be invisible to fellow road users if your not careful.  I’m  gonna pick up some rechargeable aaa’s for my rear light.  Seem to replace em every two weeks or so.   I’ll need to work on my farmers blow this year cause my pannier will get in the way of the normal trajectory.  I can park farther up the hill in Lewis Morris and avoid 24 which may be helpful when it gets dark or snowy.  Yeah a drop a few degrees in temp has me pondering how I’ll ride this fall/winter.  Mentioned to my boss I’d like to vary my hours a bit if I need to. 

Give this allrounder bike that belongs to cyclotourist a good look, I’m digging it.

The other day I rode to the grocery store.  Along the busy crappy-for-bikes road ,some passenger guy in a little car called me prissy or something, but I could’nt really make it out, maybe he called me kool thing, I held my hand up to my ear ?huh? and then an arm came out the driver side.  45mph or so, he was pretty far up, it coulda been a finger or a -power-, right on dude, kinda fist.  I was gonna make a right but I can go straight too when I saw he got the red light.  I was taking it easy, but suddenly accelerating hard.  I read their license plate a couple times and got up next to the car and looked in real quick, 3 mid 20’s dudes, so are these guys jerks and making fun of me or do they think I’m really cool and wanna talk a little.?  Hmm, I dunno cause they just barely looked at me.  I was gonna say ‘you got something to say’ but I didn’t need to, they had nothing to say.  Light turns green.  I’m not something to yell out at for no reason or to shake a fist at, I’m just a guy riding my bicycle.  But what if I yelled at random cars from my bike, I wonder how many times I could get away with that….anyway I made the right turn as they did following next to them (something I almost never ever do) and just went on my way and they did too.   

Maybe you might wanna check out James Howard Kunstler and get kinda rad about architecture/sprawl/why cycling in america is kind underdeveloped under appreciated, check out the Kunstler Cast.  Start with Cast #8.  #2 is good.

The riding to work is pretty good.  I’m a bit tired from it to use the bike for exercise/exploring fun anymore.  I still do a bit but now I need to really get my butt out the door.  I do these crazy sprints around a really huge block, almost a mile.  But I feel my body saying this is fun but stop these sprints for a month or two, lets ride slow and a long way, so I’ll probably start doing that, its nice in the fall/winter.  Less sweat, you can see into the woods easier, leaves are cool when they blow around.  So 17 or so mile commute a day, plus grocery/errand/visiting trips, I fill the tires up every 3 or 4 days, oiling the chain every 10 days, recently fixed a flat and checked the tires for !!!debris!!! found a few very tiny chunks of glass/metal working their way into the rubber and eventually the tube, pulled em out with tweezers.  Check your tires!  I dunno why but the roads are extra dirty this year.  peace



  1. I have been really tired this week, I’m really looking forward to fall. My caffeine levels have been totally screwed up since I went to North Carolina, and I thought I’d try to give it up, but then I decided yesterday afternoon that I should quit punishing myself and had 4 shots of espresso, and now I feel better.

    I know you ride on the traction line, what do you think about the chain at the end? I know it is there to keep cars off, but it’s annoying and bumpy to ride around it, and I think it should come down. I heard of one person that was turning onto the trail from Morris and going around the chain this week caught their bike and maybe fell off. I really would like to see the end of the Traction Line fixed up, but until there is a plan for that, what should be there instead of a chain? Are cars really likely to turn there?

    That newsletter is awesome; those folks at Rutgers are doing an awesome job.

  2. what is farmers blow?

  3. Yeah, that chain is dumb, and the ways around it are getting sketchy as the dirt erodes away from the sidewalk, a better gate with room for walkers/bikers but not for cars would do. I imagine its an access point for emergency or maintenance vehicles. I would’nt be surprised if an errant car turned in there if they could.

    Farmers blow is any tissue-less expelling of snots.

  4. Interesting! I can’t wait to see how I can work that into a conversation!

  5. Ever mix coffee beans? I’m thinking cheap & expensive.

  6. I haven’t, but I don’t see why not. I usually get a bag of good beans, and then trade off for a couple weeks with a bag of generic beans. I love coffee, but it’s really about my caffeine addiction.

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