Posted by: kendra | August 15, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

The Not Quite Red Bicycle

Originally uploaded by ranzino

I’m def going to Summer Streets tomorrow!

Oh! Someone approached me this week and said they had several mountain type bikes to donate to a group or whoever. Nice! I have to get some more details, like whether or not they need to donate them to a non-profit or not, and whatever. I was thinking it would be cool to find some local girls to take them, because that’s just how I think. It would be awesome to have a bike gang of girls on Patriot’s Path. If that doesn’t work out, any other ideas on where to donate a bike and keep it local?



  1. I tried that SugarLoaf road last week a coupla times. Awesome, yeah, it cuts right before Jockey Hollow entry and then just meanders through Lewis Morris, very fun. It adds about 10 minutes to the ride to the car and a good bit of climbing (Western is’nt too bad, but I tried from Mt. Kemble Rd. onto Bailey Hollow, thats quite a steep hill!) but its fun to break the monotony and get away from all the cars on rt. 24. Should be good for fall/winter when its darker and road conditions stink. Gettin chilly in the morning.

  2. You could probably give the bikes away at one of the colleges.

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