Posted by: kendra | August 11, 2008

Summer Streets = Awesome

August 9, 2008

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Check out this Streets Films video and post on Summer Streets; it looks like it was a total blast. Anyone want to head up with us next Saturday to check it out? I can’t get there at 7, but I could get there at a nice relaxing 10.
Here’s StreetsBlogs Monday morning post linking to a million articles about how it went.

Also, not exactly bike related, but the Morristown Green blog is showing the films people sent in for their film fest on Tuesday night at 7. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from riding your bike over and making it a bike in movie. It starts at 7 p.m. on the lawn of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. More info here.

And to wrap up, here’s an essay by former wfmu dj Belinda about how Hova is riding a bike to work Portland. I used to really love their Greasy Kid Stuff show, and so should you.



  1. I’ve been reading all about this new NYC program. It sounds like a good time, with the city being eerily car-less.

    Great blog p.s.

  2. I do believe I’m gonna go to NYC this sat to ride my bicycle. A big bicycle day. And maybe a full moon ride at night.

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