Posted by: dean | August 5, 2008

Join up

mo'town bikers
I dont know why commuting to work by bike is touted so heavily, because using the bike for transport anywhere is a great idea. Why not suggest people not only bike to work, but also bike to errands around their hometown?Anyhow, they say this free club will eventually be a forum for cyclist to share commute information, and free monthly drawings. Sounds good to me.


  1. I started to wonder why I don’t buy my groceries with the bike. I’ll have to rig up some sorta device that can carry a few bags of groceries, but unfortunately the only grocery in my town is A&P which is overpriced.

  2. Hey! Here’s a Daily Record Op-Ed on Morristown and the mayor and the bike hall of fame thing.

    Also, I am having a pretty nice time in North Carolina, but you know I can’t stop evaluating the roads for bikes and pedestrians.

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