Posted by: dean | August 4, 2008




I get funny looks & funny questions/comments when people find out I like to bike alot. They’re simple questions but I usually try to convince them that cycling is awesome and get way too deep into it and end up sounding a little crazy and I get a funny look. So I think I’m a little too emotionally involved, I feel the need to always defend and endorse cycling. I made myself a list of easy responses to typical questions/comments.

Stuff like:
– Boy you must have alot of free time to ride that thing.
Yeah, it really cuts into my tv time.

– Are’nt you scared of cars?

– Should’nt you ride against traffic instead of with it?
You try that crap going 20+mph

-What are you manorexic?
No, I likely eat more than you.

– Man those bike seats hurt my butt
You dont pedal hard enough wuss.

– Why not just drive?
I see god on every ride.

– Thats great your being green
Yes I’m fueled by whiskey, not oil.

-Dont you sweat alot?
No, never ever.

-You wear a helmet?
Yes, I’ve given comas some thought

-Why dont you ride on the sidewalk?
Where do I ride when the sidewalk ends?

– I wish I could ride to work.
Could you ride to the grocery store or perhaps your grandmas house?

– I just wanna ride around, what kinda bike should I buy?
Start with a $300 mountain bike from a friendly bike shop close to your house.

– I used to love to ride.
If you loved it then, you’d love it now.



  1. Lol, I’m fueled by whiskey, not oil. I gotta remember that one the next time people tell me I’m being green.

  2. The 300.00 bike advise is good. Mine is still going strong after 2 or 3 years (sorry, the year details are becoming blurry to me the closer I near 30).

  3. Yeah, thats what got me started back up. Its hard to know what kinda riding you’ll get into so a 300 mt. bike can go anywhere fairly comfortably and wont break from hard use. I’m 30. I think my mt. bike is ohhhhhh crap. 6 years old now…I think. Its still a great bike. Anyway yeah, I had that bike a few years, quit smoking cig’s riding around on it, I’d hit up the rail trail almost every night to blow off steam, ride around allamuchy & kitatinny s.p. some, put slick tires on it one winter and bombed around town roads fast to keep warm, that got me wanting a road bike.

    But if I really had to get involved I’d recommend a steel frame ‘road’ bike, set up as a go mostly anhwhere fairly quickly with some luggage kinda bike. I thik they’re starting to finally sell bikes like these in the U.S.

  4. Whiskey, even a little, makes me ride very very fast.

  5. Whiskey rides…a good time.

  6. And i had a shot of your Jamesons the other night.

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