Posted by: kendra | August 1, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Bicycle Mural

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Here’s an open thread!

I’m going to go visit my family in North Carolina next week, so you are mostly on your own. If anyone is going to Summer Streets in the city next Saturday, August 9, please let us know how it goes. While the idea of biking up Park Avenue without cars sounds awesome, they are going to also have other activities, like fitness stuff, and music and if you decide to bike on the spur of the moment there will be bike rentals. Cool.

If you join Transportation Alternatives at summer streets, you can get a nifty special limited-edition shirt.



  1. So, I dropped my Breezer off to get an xtracycle and sort out the gears somehow and hopefully when I get back it will be the bicycle version of a station wagon that it has always wanted to be.

    I’m thinking about getting some turn signals, and maybe some of these neony glow lights. Does anyone remember sometime in the 90s when kids would put these glow things under their cars? I never understood why, yet I really was mesmerized by them. I think now is my chance. Maybe that was just a North Carolina thing?

    So then I would have Breezer, xtracycle, coffee cup holder, glow lights and turn signals. I’m not sure I could pedal any more accessories, but if I could try. Am I missing anything?

  2. After looking at other things on the glow page, I wish I had considered the bike blender.

  3. Morristown and the Bicycling Hall of Fame in the Daily Record on Sunday. Also talks a little bit about bike racks.

    It also mentions the “critical mass tour” as something town officials are doing to make the town more bike friendly. That cracks me up.

  4. The Economist has an article this week about bikes, “Bumpy Roads, It’s not all Free Wheeling.”

  5. Also, my latest idea is when I get my Breezer back with the superduper xtracycle on it, is to do some Saturday morning Yard Sale Rides, and also maybe a couple Trash Day Tours.

  6. Some leather mudflaps. Sounds awesome! You’ll be able to haul lots of stuff! Carrying the bike up stairs might be harder. You got bags/panniers?

  7. I’ve been using a nashbar grocery fold up pannier the last week, its good for about a full shopping basket of grocerys including a half gallon of milk. I also have been sticking my messenger bag with my office stuff, coffee thermos, clothes, sometimes shoes, lunch, snacks right into it on really hot days so my back does’nt get swetted up. Folded up it can hold a lock and some snacks, wallet, phone.

  8. I rode along Waterloo Rd. today (that road is inspiring; you can usually pass, riverboaters, rock scramblers, dogwalkers, hikers, hunters, morris canal hunters, mountain bikers, road riders) to a coffee meet up in Byram on the fast bike which had a fine layer of yellow rust on the chain. After a bath of oil it was smooth sailing. Really smooth. My Giant Ocr1 does feel lighter, faster but not blazingly so compared to the Bianchi. Bumps and sticks were way more jarring. Coffee and donut chatting with my lady while some bmxer dudes were curb hopping. Jolting sugar! made it a quick trip home and a dumb fun bomb down Main St. right before sundown. Lights all ablaze of course.

  9. saturday Washington Post, nice article:

    > Cycling Back Around
    > Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Better. In the City, an Old-Fashioned
    > Conveyance Returns
    > By David Montgomery Washington Post Staff Writer
    > Saturday, August 2, 2008; Page C01

  10. There was a blurb on the radio about cycling in the city – ridership rose 77% since 2001 when space was provided for bikes. One large company provides a marble lobby for cycle storage and it makes riders feel appreciated.

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