Posted by: kendra | July 28, 2008

You are so Hard Core

Here’s Rags or Yaps, as I keep calling him, on the Morristown Bike Ride Last Friday. More pics here. It was a pretty big ride, maybe 100 or 150? Also about 20 or 25 stopped by the picnic on the green afterwards.
The mayor of Denville did show up, and he is very interested in doing bike things in Denville. If you live in Denville, talk to him!

Here’s an article on bike commuting from the New York Times, “For the Hard Core, Two Wheels Beat Four.” One of the things that is interesting, at least to me, in this article, is that people are meeting up places and then riding as a group into the city.



  1. Here’s a story on Consumerist about a woman who wanted to shop at wal-mart and was told she couldn’t bring her bike inside, tho it seems like she had in the past. The reason was that walmart also sells bikes, and then she had a little bit of a freakout, and ended up taking off some of her clothes. Easier to read it than for me to try to explain it. This story also on bike forums.

  2. My roommate observed what looked to be three guys stealing a bike on Speedwell across from Headquaters plaza this past weekend. If anyone locked a bike up there and it went missing, my roommate might be of some assistance.

    Apparently one man came and started sawing with a hacksaw, then two others came and lifted the bike straight up and over to remove the bike from what ever it was locked to.

    As to why he didn’t intervene, he was in the middle of “getting a hair cut”…

  3. Wow, that sucks! I bet his hair looks nice tho!

    What time of day was it? I’m really surprised that someone would use a hacksaw in the middle of the day, that seems more like an late night tool.

  4. Haha! I believe I saw my mayor riding south on 53 on my commute home Friday. Yeah, it was definitely him, all business looking.

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