Posted by: kendra | July 28, 2008


bike rack!

Originally uploaded by kendra e

Look what I saw this morning! All the bike racks are going in, I think 20 in this round. I’m totally going to blog a “what bike racks mean to me” thing for the Morristown Green blog, maybe have a bike rack tour at the end of the week?



  1. Nothing to do with our awesome bike racks; at the NYC critical mass ride, an officer just knocks a cyclist over and arrests him?

  2. haha, talk about meat head! Your Fired!

  3. One time I pushed a kid off his bike. I was skateboarding on this curb but this kid I did’nt know kept running into my leg & foot. I was 15 maybe a couple years older than this freak, the craziest thing was he had an iguana on his shoulder. Just a green lizard guy perched up on his shoulder. ok anyway, he hit me one last time so I gave him a shove and he tumbled off his bmx, he picked up his iguana put the thing back on his shoulder and also pulled a little pocket knife out of his pocket, opened it. Oops. He did’nt really do anything but open and hold it but man! it sucked! I picked up my skateboard held it high and just walked the hell away. haha, I used to love bikes so much but most of my friends and I sold our bmx’s once we actually started spending money so me and my buddy used to use our moms old cruiser bikes to get to the mall to skate. We had to use a strap to keep the boards on the front basket. I remember chicks really dug the bikes.

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