Posted by: kendra | July 25, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Hey! Here’s an open thread!

Also don’t forget that tonight is the Morristown bike ride.

Also, not bike related, but tomorrow night at the Calaloo Cafe is a Weird New Jersey special issue party. I just like Weird New Jersey.



  1. I couldn’t help it, I had to find out who did that statue. I think it was done by John Seward Johnson, grandson of Robert Wood Johnson…

    Some other shots…

  2. I had the craziest near accident this week, I was behind a car at the light at Cattano, and the car was pulled a little bit past where they should have stopped. Then when the light turned green, she started BACKING UP. It really freaked me out, and I was able to scramble around her and then she just stopped and I knocked on her window to so I could try to tell her that she nearly ran me over, and she just waved like I was saying hi, and drove on down South Street. I still can’t figure out why she backed up.

    Also continue to see people getting mad when people don’t turn right on red or green and decide to go around them, and nearly take out a pedestrian in the crosswalk. I don’t really get why you would pass another car that is also turning the same way.

  3. ha! I wonder if that is the same person who did the Seeing Eye sculpture near the green?

  4. oh wait, it totally is.

    The Way to Independence - J Seward Johnson

    I think what is spooky is the use of color makes them look like zombies trying to ride a bike and then maybe try to kill you. I used to like to take a new dog that I was walking about to that dog statue and watch them try to figure it out.

  5. 2 pointers from Dean:

    Here’s an article from the Sunday Daily Record about the mayor of Denville, and how is all about bikes. He also says he is going to come to the Morristown Critical Mass, so maybe he’ll be there?

    Also if you ride in Jocky Hollow or Lewis Morris, look at this:

    You can’t ride on the paths in Jockey Hollow, just the road, but can you ride on Sugar Loaf Road? I don’t know, but someone else might?

  6. Here’s the mayor of Denville after the ride.

    More pics here.

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