Posted by: kendra | July 23, 2008

Morristown Train Station Improvements

Train station-2832

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I am still rocking out in my head and I’m having a little bit of trouble getting back to the grind of obsessing over bikes, so bear with me. Don’t forget that there is a Morristown Bike Ride this Friday and that there is going to be a super fun picnic afterwards. The bike ride starts at 6:30 from the town hall parking lot. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to bring or eat, you can just grab something in town!

So! The train station is going to get $3 million in upgrades! When I first heard that my first thought was Cool! We should get Cindy Lauper to come back for the grand re-opening and act out her Time After Time video. Then while I was thinking about that, someone smarter and more on message suggested that some of the money should be used for bike racks and lockers. That made me think about how it is hard to get your bike up on the Dover side, and maybe this is a good time to fix the stairs so they have a ramp to roll your bike on.

Then someone else suggested this is a good time to also the sidewalks and roads under the bridges, which are pretty crappy for everyone. It is also weird that there is no crosswalk signal to the train station. I wonder if some of this stuff could also be fixed under New Jersey’s Safe Streets to Transit program?

What else needs fixing at the station? It doesn’t have to be a bikey thing!



  1. Check out Madison’s train station! That is how Morristown should look. Bike lockers, racks everywhere, and the train station is clean.

  2. Madison is pretty good; they have a lot of bike racks all around the station. The folks at NJ Bike Ped Center also mentioned that New Brunswick may be the first station to build a bike station in New Jersey.

    It looks like something like that offers 24 hour secure parking, repairs and transit info. That would be awesome. I wonder if something like that could be a tenant at the transit village or the place they are going to build behind the station?

  3. Only trouble with some of the bike racks are some are’nt covered from the rain (Netcong, Hackettstown, Convent Station). Of course train station bikes are usually beater bikes, but still, covered is nice.
    I’ve got my new beater parked out in the drizzle today, its kinda hard leaving it out there.
    Its only a bike.

  4. Oh, is the new building going up over by the Mo’town station gonna be a parking garage? For the transit village? Its so big & ugly right now.

  5. Yeah! I hope that is a garage and not the condos, because it doesn’t seem like it has any windows. I think there is going to be condos/shopping/garage where the construction is right now, and then another building right behind the train station where the small parking lot is right now, which is going to have the fire dept and some more condos. I think that’s the plan.

    Covered parking is a good idea.

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