Posted by: dean | July 18, 2008

Yo, This is the open weekend random biker comment post up jam.

Most any road named River Road is a good road to ride on

Most any road named River Road is a good road to ride on. Some can be steep most are usually shadey and cool.

News is bike shops are selling tons of road tires to go onto mountain bike wheels. 


“We were totally unprepared for the demand in 27-inch tires.” — Steve Flagg, president of parts-distributor Quality Bicycle Products, seeing it as an indication of how many old road bikes are being put back to use.



I’ve seen some more people riding bikes.  Just a few more. 

And I’ve gotta 27 inch beastie old road bike with plump tires for a pretty awesome rig.  I’m gonna lay fenders on it and maybe a small front or rear rack with one or two small shopping panniers.   



Today I did the bike/car relay to work thing, then rode to the pool, soaked and collapsed into the grass it was wonderful after a heckofa week.   The pools got no bike rack so I keep bugging them about that –  Kendra style.

This weekends gonna be a broiler, find the shady routes.

AHHHHHH  its Friday!  Feel free!!!!



  1. Hey! It is always so weird when places you expect to have bike racks don’t, I wonder why they never got any?

    I had a totally great weekend at rock camp, and on the first day you have about 20 minutes or so, maybe less, to chat with people and ask them questions about music or anything else. So when people would ask me what kind of music I liked, I kept saying “I like songs about bikes,” and then I picked the two people who laughed when I said that. That was a totally smart way to go, because they were awesome.

    We ended up with a song called “9021 uh-oh,” all about Emily Valentine, and it was really short, but awesome, if you ask me, and we got to go first at the Knitting Factory, which was great, because then you don’t get a lot of time to freak out.

    Also saw a million bikes in Manhattan last night, all kinds of things. And this guy, on the way back to Penn Station working on a million bikes on the side of the street.

  2. Who’s Emily Valentine? All I know is my sister had 90210 posters covering every wall.

  3. Emily Valentine was this sorta punk rock looking girl with a leather jacket that was Brandon’s girlfriend for a little bit, until she took him to a rave and I think dosed him with the 90210 club drug U4eA, not ecstasy, but I think it was supposed to be the same thing. Anyhow, Brandon had to leave his car there because he was all drugged up and then the next day he went back and it was totally stripped, and he was pissed. Then Emily had some sort of breakdown and set fire to the homecoming float that was parked in the Walsh family driveway, and then I think she left the show. She came back later tho, passing through on her way to France to become a marine biologist. I think she was the only one to escape 90210 early on, so being crazy worked out for her.

    I swear, I hardly ever watched it. Really.

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