Posted by: kendra | July 16, 2008

Political Stuff Tuesday: Morristown Council & Bicycling Hall of Fame

Vail Mansion, Morristown

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So, I went to the council meeting tonight, and Council Member Alison Deeb put forward a resolution that the town look into or try to get the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame, which had been in Somerville, to move to Morristown. I guess I don’t know what the correct way to say it is, put forward, put forth? Whatever, you know I was just about ready to have a heart attack in the good way. What if the Vail Mansion did not become a bank and the museum went in there instead?

Check out this Morristown Green post on about the idea.



  1. Went for a dusk bike jam with my buddy. We went for a pretty nice ride down Grand Ave., checked out a railroad disaster monument and railed down past a big bear coming out of a driveway. Big downhill and a big uphill only to come right back down a few hundred feet or so cause its getting dark. Cruising down 57 coming up on the strip malls and buddys following close and does’nt see the big rock looking thing I can barely make out cause my lights on dim mode cause I didn’nt charge em. He hit the rock thing and I thought he fell but just got a big flat. Tried patching but the patch was worthless with me as the patchmaster, hey I’m used to those self stick park things. What the heck happened?? We were unprepared and did’nt have a tube. Just 3 or so miles from home and its almost 10pm, getting late so I railed home to grab my car and come back & get my pal. So heres where I did something really dumb. My light is in the ‘limp’ mode, not so bright anymore but I assumed it was bright enough. Some guy did’nt see me and almost left crossed me (he’s going to the quickiemart), both going a bit over 20mph. Last second, I decided he was gonna see me and hit me. It was the ‘Last Second’ literally. I thought about going straight, as if he saw me, but nope, I turned right into the parking lot and yelled yooooooaaaaa. He parks and I swing around, hes a young dude, ‘did you see me?’ ‘no’, ‘nice drivin’ , ‘thanks’, ‘really did’nt see me?’, ‘nope’ , ‘need a new light, thanks’. All shook up like. So yeah, anyway the rest of the trip was uneventful. But got me thinking about riding safe techniques. I wrote this kinda angry response to a daily record editorial like this:” Oh yeah, and whats the point of calling this editorial “Bikes, cars can mix” If you only suggest bikers stay out of the way of cars?”
    It went on to say stuff like I’ll take up the lane if I please and that is a great way of riding for me, but I think I need to assume more that some driver out there is never gonna see me no matter what I do to be safe, so sometimes I should kinda ride like the writer of the editorial suggests: as if I’m invisible. Cause yeah, sometimes I am. Next helmet I buy is gonna be yellow.

  2. gah. I’m glad you didn’t get hit by a car.

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