Posted by: kendra | July 11, 2008

Bike Safety Thing at Headquarters Plaza

The Daily Record has an article about the bicycle safety thing that TransOptions & the state of New Jersey put on yesterday, and it mostly talks about how people on bikes are putting themselves at risk.

Here’s another article about it from All Headline News. This one has bullet points of safety tips that include:

When approaching an intersection, proceed with caution, looking left, right and left again. Walk the bike across the intersection.

Updated: I actually looked at the pamphlet handed out yesterday, “Safe Bicycle Riding in New Jersey,” and it does say to walk your bike into the street at intersections???

Update #2: Here’s my blog on Morristown Green, where I mention some other stuff that happened, that was actually pretty good.



  1. Why? How is that any safer then cruising through intersections?

    I have rarely walked a bike through intersections. It just feels unnatural.

  2. I dont understand that at all either. I mean maybe a very busy intersection that is’nt light controlled. It would need to be a very very busy intersection to get me off my bike and walk it.

  3. Who made the pamphlet? I’ve seen some NJ bike safety ones that were actually very well written.

  4. The Pamphlet was published by the Office of the Attorney General, Division of High Traffic Safety.

    If anyone is interested, subscribe to this great bike ped list, where one post has pointed this out already.

    Check out their archives too, they are awesome. I met some people from the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center yesterday and they are my new heroes.

  5. Here’s my thing on the Morristown Green blog.

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