Posted by: kendra | July 8, 2008

TransOptions starts Cyclists Commuter Club

I just got this email from TransOptions:

Announcing the Cyclists Commuter Club

Did you know that riding a bicycle for 30 minutes a day provides measurable health benefits, a more positive mental outlook, and increased energy? It’s also an easy way for saving money on your commute.

The success of Bike to Work Week, sponsored last month by TransOptions, demonstrated that many commuters enjoy biking to work when possible. As a result, TransOptions is launching the Cyclists Commuter Club, a FREE program for bicycle commuters.

The Cyclists Commuter Club will grow to become a forum for cycling enthusiasts, enabling them to share information, commuter routes, and resources. The first scheduled activity will be “Bike to Work with a Buddy” month, coming up in July. Simply register on the TransOptions website to join and become be eligible for monthly incentive drawings.

Now that the warm weather is here, you and a friend can be good to yourself and the environment by joining the Cyclists Commuter Club.

To learn more about the Cyclists Commuter Club, visit, contact us at info@TransOptions.or or call (973) 267-7600.

I can’t find the link on their site, but I need a nap, so if someone else finds it, clue me in.


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