Posted by: kendra | July 8, 2008

Political Stuff Tuesday: North Carolina Rep on How Bikes are Stupid

I should have never said I was not going to post very much, because clearly I’m a total liar. Anyhow, here’s a video via treehugger of a politician from North Carolina on how silly it is that people are promoting bicycling as a solution to energy problems. I lived in North Carolina for 10 years or so, and it was awesome because you could see what side you were on automatically by seeing who was on the other side. New Jersey is really confusing in that way, because you have to actually pay attention to what people say and vote like. Anyhow, here’s the video of him and his take on bikes:

To be fair, I think the part of North Carolina he lives in is very hilly sorta flat. If you are feeling down on North Carolina, check out the weekend thread, where I pointed out that Asheville is getting a couple hundred miles of bike paths and lanes.

Also Lance Armstrong might have trained in the mountains near Asheville. Maybe.



  1. Ughh, I just hate his tone. His overall message is do not promote conservation of energy but make and sell more energy.
    This is the guy that honks as he whizzes by.
    “Screw those low consumption types. This is America.”

    Cheap transport without a radio, that liberates you from the gas pump and keeps you in touch with your community is a kinda dangerous thing.

  2. Oh and the BRPKWY looks awesome. That pic looks awesome. Long trip.

  3. hahah, Awesome.

  4. I felt a lot of this was tongue in cheek. I have to say thought, that I do agree with the basic principle that we need to expand our alternative resource capabilities to help alleviate our oil dependency from other nations.

    Well, we live in a supply and demand nation, and from a few articles I’ve seen, bicycle shops around the nation are reporting record sales as the price of oil continues to rise.

    Besides, this guy could stand to lose a few pounds. Just checked his profile, he’s only a few years older than I.

  5. Besides, this guy could stand to lose a few pounds. Just checked his profile, he’s only a few years older than I.

    Meaning, if he were to commute around on a bike, he’d accomplish that.

  6. Yeah this guy was born to be a congressman, hes 29!?? wha? He was born to be 40. Hes got ties to the auto industry.
    I do believe the oil problem is mostly supply & demand.

  7. Actually, he’s about 33 but looks like a middle aged dude. At least, his wiki prof. says he was born in 75.

    Most 33 year olds I know still look relatively young. I’m telling you, he could use some sun and exercise.

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