Posted by: kendra | July 3, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

One of my favorite blogs has this thing where they just have an open thread for the weekend and people just post whatever they want, like links and stories and whatever.  That’s totally what this is!  Post bike events, what you did, news stories you think are bike-y, whatever.  I was a little bit worried about doing this that noone would post any comments, but then I realized that I would totally take up the slack, so no worries.


I know there is a parade for the 4th in Montclair and they are tossing Lara Bars from their bikes.  I love a good Lara bar.   I’m also talking with some people about my imaginary bike non-profit this weekend, so if you have a good name for one, let me know.  I really can’t go forward without a good name for it.



  1. Woohoo, starting the holiday off right. I stopped at the bakery today, asked for a blueberry muffin, got to the office and lo & behold its a chocolate chip muffin! Oh heck yeah!

  2. hmmm a name. I kinda like official sounding names. Like something important, something like Mo’town area bicycle coalition.

  3. Yeah! That’s good, only I think I’m going to leave Morristown out of it, just so in case I can’t get the movies or whatever to go in Morristown, we can just take it on the road. Also I think something a little bit more party-ish, I think I just want it to sound fun. I think Pedal Pushers might work, but I think it’s been done!

    Nice healthy breakfast with the chocolate muffin!

  4. I just talked to Wiley at transportation alternatives, and he is looking for people who want to blab on about their bike commute habits to press people who call him. If you are interested in sharing your bike commute story with news media types, email him at

  5. I pulled this off the daily record comments about the accident in Parsippany:

    For anyone interested, donations to help with the cost of returning the victims’ bodies home can be sent to: Migrant Ministry of the Diocese of Paterson, 44 Westminster Drive, Parsippany, N.J. 07054.

  6. I went right back to the bakery got a very decent bagel& coffee and enjoyed it outside. Passed by fast bike guy hammering 2 hopefully coldish drinks stashed in a behind the saddle cage thing, a few sidewalk bikers going pretty slow, except for one guy, another had laundry, and a bmx kid. And about ?200? cars.

  7. Before I moved to Morristown, I lived in Asheville, North Carolina. It was totally my brigadoon city until I visited Portland, but it’s trying to make it’s way back to being brigadoon. I see where this week, they are starting painting “Sharrows” on the street, which seem to be not exactly bike lanes, but a making on the street like share the road, but somehow show the bike where to be so they won’t get hit by a door. It also looks like the city task force on pedestrians & bikes is putting on classes called “strive not to Drive” and some how to ride in the road classes. I also think it’s interesting that they have an incident report form on their site. Anyhow, I have been meaning to post about Asheville for awhile, and I can’t remember if I have or not, but earlier this year Asheville council approved a plan that will result in 181 miles of paths and bike-safe roads throughout Asheville. I especially loved Jonathan Welch’s pic of people showing up at the meeting with their bike helmets on.

  8. The other night I bought a 72ish Raleigh Grand Prix, a one higher than the lowest end Raleigh, but its slightly fancy lugged steel, its green and not steal me shiny. I feel kinda bad riding around the Bianchi so much, its a great bike but I ride it pretty hard, leave it unlocked a little too often, its pretty shiny and has some valuable vintage campagnolo parts on it. So maybe this Raleigh will take over the Bianchi’s duties for a while.

    It seems to fit me fine, a little smaller than ideal, but I think I like that, easier to throw around and hop curbs and handle a little offroad action. It fits a bit small but the wheelbase is longer than my properly fitting Giant. With the seat pushed back I think I’ll be able to ride in the kind of stretched and low when on the brake hoods thing, kinda lean in & out of the bars that way and it probably wont feel ‘small’. I’ve heard you should ride as big a frame as you can, meh. Feels less flexy than the Bianchi which I expected as the Bianchi is a racing bike built for those little Euro riders, but the Raleigh is pretty light, has an upgraded triple crank and has buttloads of room for fattie tires & fenders, its got real knobbies on it now! The drop bars are pretty comfily shaped but needs new tape. The shifting is very smooth, only 5 speed but I’m really digging the 5 speed cluster, forces me to work at different cadences as sometimes there is no ‘perfect’ gear, I think it helps my spin. Only thing is the Raleigh has steel rimmed wheels, not good at all for braking, downright unsafe in any amount of wet, so I’ll be needing new wheels, at least a front for now. I love cleaning these old bikes off, wiping years of grime to restore the little gleam they have left, then riding the heck out of em hopefully I’ll do that soon but I should clean the bathroom.
    1804, 4th of July Lewis & Clark expedition celebrated by firing a cannon at sundown and doubling the mens whiskey rations.

  9. German town removes all street signs and lights, and it traffic gets better for everyone? via streetsblog

  10. Do you have a pic of it?

  11. Skate & BMX park in Somerville.

  12. Check out year Mary Dell Morrison’s story about how she is still biking really really far in the Daily Record today. That’s awesome.

  13. […] of North Carolina he lives in is very hilly. If you are feeling down on North Carolina, check out the weekend thread, where I pointed out that Asheville is getting a couple hundred miles of bike paths and […]

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