Posted by: kendra | June 23, 2008

Friday Friday Friday! Art of the Bicycle Show in Morristown

Art of the Bicycle Show, June 27

This coming Friday, June 27, there is going to be an bicycle themed art show at Marty’s Reliable Cycle in Morristown, 173 Speedwell. Way back in January, Ryan@Martys put out a call for entries, and I can’t wait to see what people came up with. I also hear that there is going to be some extra stuff, like some sort of freaky spin art setup that involves a bike. Artists featured at the show are Chris Marshall, Vincent Blanco, Mike Felbner, Rebecca Marcelliano, Daniel Fenelon, John Andrulis, Laurie Harden, Michael Saloman, Chris Kappmeier, and Ashley Cook.

I think there is going to wine and cheese and other things provided by Smart World Coffee and C’est Cheese. I think that is great because I also love wine and coffee, and the last time I went to an art opening I thought there would be wine, and there was just apples and some Fanta. Anyhow, I am pretty excited about the art show, because it is awesome that Ryan put this together, and I think this is one of the first steps of the next 2 million needed to turn Morristown into Portland. Thanks to Ryan and the state productions for getting the ball rolling on that! The art show starts at 7:00 or after the bike ride and again is at Marty’s Reliable Cycle @ 173 Speedwell. There is a parking lot by the firehouse, and I think bike parking is going to be in the lot between the front shop and the service building.

There is also a Morristown bike ride critical mass thing right before that has an arty theme, and starts at 6:30 @ Town Hall, 200 South Street. I am going to blog about these two things for the big time Morristown Green Blog, if I get my password, which they might be holding back because I’m annoying, but if you aren’t going to ride your bike that night, it would be awesome to get someone to get some pics from the green, because unless I have pics, it really didn’t happen. Anyhow, bring your arty bikes and arty selfs or just show up for the art show and or ride.


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