Posted by: kendra | June 20, 2008

Morristown Walking, Riding and Roads

Who is this???

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In the last couple of days, there have been a couple bike accidents, and I always debate about posting about them, because I want people to ride their bikes, and I worry that they will think it’s too dangerous. I always do post them tho, and hope that it doesn’t make people nervous, maybe just more thoughtful.

Anyhow, here’s a thread for the weekend to talk about roads in Morristown, or towns around in New Jersey and what you would change and what should be enforced, and whatever is your pet peeve. If you need ideas about what is annoying, here is a local blog about driving in Morristown.

I know at one meeting I was at a woman suggested that inside the town limits, there should be no turn on red, and as someone walks a lot, I was really excited about that idea, but it turns out noone else was, it totally drives me crazy because people turning right hardly ever check to the right to see if there is a pedestrian and they pull up and block the crosswalk.

In Montclair, the police recently received a grant and are posing as undercover pedestrians and ticketing drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

I’m going to leave this post up through the weekend, so if you have something you think of, please post it after your walks and rides and good times.

Also, I have been thinking of trying to get more newsy and post a featured biker every week, but haven’t gotten around to it. I think I see this guy riding down Western or someone on a bike with handlebars like that but he is too fast and I can never catch up with him. Does anyone know who that is? As you are thinking about Morristown roads, also try to think of what stores you want in Morristown, and post where they are now and if you have their website or phone number here. It would be great to get some awesome places to expand to Morristown.



  1. I ride down Morris Avenue, but I know some people avoid it, but ok, say you are driving around the green, and you are in front of the new jersey monthly building, dumont is on the right and the post office is straight ahead. There are two lanes going straight, but to me it feels like the right curb lane must have been a right turn lane at one point? If two cars go straight there, there is not really room because of the on-street parking in front of the post office, and I don’t think there are any lane markings from the post office to dunkin donuts.

    Is that one lane or two on morris past the post office?

  2. I drive by there & bike there often…It is fishy there, common practice seems to be 2 lanes when no cars are parked in front of the Post Office, when there are cars parked in front the 2 lanes merge to one.

  3. yeah! I seriously think that is one lane that is just super wide and people treat it as two lanes.

    As long as I’m picking on Morris Street, Dave thinks they should put in speed bumps along there, especially leading up to the Traction Line and to Washington Headquarters.

    The speed limit is 25, and I really doubt anyone drives 25. I used to have a job where I walked down from Georgian to Ford, and I also used to see at least one a week, and sometimes twice, a car driving the wrong way on Morris, which is 3 lanes of one way traffic past Ford Avenue.

  4. NO TO MORE SPEED BUMPS!! I HATE THEM! I do see people pulled over all the time in that area so I am the only chump going 25 mph. But what I wanted to really tell you is I saw the ‘One Less Car’guy! On 202 right near Harding Green, another road where I see lots of cyclists but I think it’s crazy to drive on because of nutso drivers. I’ve seen that guy before. I hope he has more than one of those tee shirts.

  5. It’s so awesome that I started this thread, because I remembered another place that needs some fixing on my way home this time. The crosswalk at James Street & South Street really sucks. First the crosswalk is a series of giant deep potholes, and in the rain they fill up and it’s about 1 foot deep. In the winter it freezes into a big ice slick.

    Then if you are crossing, people turning left onto james from South never even look for pedestrians, and there is an unwritten rule at this light that after it turns red, two cars can still go.

    it also occurs to me that I should just email the city with my whining, but it’s not as satisfying. I’ll do it on Monday.

  6. I hate biking on Morris Street heading from the train station out towards the 287 on/off’s on my way to the Traction Line path. Theres a sidewalk and I dont feel comfy on them but I use it coming home for a brief stretch to avoid going wrong way on one way. But passing the 287 ramps stinks, I’m extra extra vigilant. Dunno what could be done to fix it, there is no real shoulder…even if there was one, the cars coming off the highway would still have a tough time seeing bikes.

  7. Oh, And I hate click it or ticket campaigns, what a waste of time. How about a dont drive like an insane ass campaign.

  8. […] Way back in June, I posted a pic of this bike at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and asked if anyone knew who it was. He rides by my house all the time, but by the time I get downstairs and out on the street he is long gone. Anyhow, I just happened to be outside taking a picture of my gigantic tomato plant, and he rode by! […]

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