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Last fall, we had a short thread about what kinds of stores you would like to see in Morristown. Today I finally pieced some of the suggestions together and dug up some contact info for some of them, and sent it off to Bill Braunschweiger, from Braunschweiger Jewelers, who is trying to make our dreams come true. Anyhow, now that some time has passed, maybe you have even more ideas of what you would like to ride your bike to and shop at, and what you would like to see filling up some of the empty stores around town. The last thread had things like a craft store (I went with Michaels), fish’s eddy, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Game Stop, a better diner (where I switched this to a list of vegetarian restaurants, sorry Beth), Kate’s Paperie, and some other places. Oh, like Sage’s Pages.

Anyhow, post what you would really love to see in Morristown, if exists somewhere else already, where is it? Be specific! Maybe they really want to expand! Dream your dreams! Post them here!

Updated June 19: Seriously, get a move on with the ideas, as just overnight, the city decided to put a bank into the historic Vail Mansion! That’s a relief, because I didn’t know where to cash my checks!



  1. I miss browsing the antique mall that was near where van dessel is now, but what I really wish they would get in town is a flea markety antique market thing. We go into the city all the time and go to one flea market that is a two story parking garage, and the hell’s kitchen flea market and green flea . I think the daily record used to have their yard sale in one the parking garages before they moved it out to the community college. I am pro-flea market.

    It would be great to have a flea market on the same day as the farmer’s market, and then people would have to walk and bike through town to get from one to the other.

  2. I would take the apple store too.

    And a room and board store, even tho I don’t really need any more furniture.

  3. hmmm… i’d like seeing more small chains and mom/pops than big chains. but they are harder to keep around.

    I actually miss epstein’s gift department.

    I’d like a really funky off the wall type thing, like some of the cool shops you find in montclair.

    a bookstore. preferably combo with a coffee shop. preferably not borders or B&N ;o) although they do rock.

    you know – a really good example town is Ridgewood. I lived there for 2 years. they don’t allow ANY big box type store or big name chain in the town boundaries. nice mix of gift shops, antiques, fun stuff, a beading store, etc. I do miss that town sometimes. especially the pancake house!!!! and the cheese store.

    i think we are pretty well rounded on restaurants here, but would love more vegetarian/vegan or ethnic restaurants.

  4. and duh. kate’s paperie. without a doubt ;o)

    oooh how about neal’s yard remedies? love their stuff too. or any place that’s into natural stuff and aromatherapy things. ooo how about lush?

  5. ok, those last ones are awesome, but google ridgewood and see what businesses are there that you want, so he can call them up. he said that everyone was like ‘something cool’ or something that sells that, but he needs something he can get the phone number for. 🙂

    tho we do all want something cool!

  6. Agreed, we need a good bookstore! Maybe that one over by the jail will move into town! I personally would LOVE to see a Whole Foods. One of my favorite shops in town is Gabriel’s Wine. More restaurants, I know there are many, but they attract people to town. I would also love to see some sort of small music/art venue or bar that’s not a sports bar or lounge type place (esp now that Cafe Arabica is gone).

  7. The crafts store that moved out was one of the last places you could find a neat gift. The one in Chester is gone too. What about an old fashioned apothecary, Kiehl’s, more galleries, and some kind of center for learning. Walking (biking) tours of gardens, historical sites and/or churches.

  8. […] are thinking about Morristown roads, also try to think of what stores you want in Morristown, and post where they are now and if you have their website or phone number here. It would be great to get some awesome places to expand to Morristown. No Comments so far […]

  9. I went by Sage’s Pages today, and they are moving to a new bigger location, but it will still be in Madison, in the Staples Plaza.

  10. Here’s a new letter to the editor of the Daily Record about all the banks downtown.

    I have been thinking that the people planning development or approving banks and stuff really need to play a few hours of the sims or sim city. Sims like a lot of stuff going on! So to real people!

  11. RE: looking up the actual stores in ridgewood –

    the problem is they are small independently owned stores. they aren’t going to be able to relocate or open a franchise in morristown.. 😦

  12. In my ventures through town I have discovered two stationery stores (one is on Elm, forgot where I saw the other one) and there are tours offered by a little place close to the courthouse. Maybe we need more awareness as what is actually here that we might have missed. Did everyone see the opening of NJ’s first Green Building corner (I think) of Cattano and Washington? Cool!

  13. Had a great idea for when all those banks go out of business…we’ll have a lot of venues for drive-thru businesses. Drive-thru Dry Cleaners, Coffee, I think there’s a drive-thru on Long Island that sells Milk and beer. If these business cater only to cyclists, then maybe more people would ride theior bikes to do errands ;0) How about a drive-thru Pet supply store?

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