Posted by: kendra | June 11, 2008

New Jersey Bike People

I really liked Dean’s list of people he sees riding around, and I think his pics of his rides and also metalcommuter‘s pics of his commute are really interesting, and make the idea of riding locally much more attractive to other folks, or at least make it seem possible without being scary. Plus they are pretty and nie to look at.  Anyhow, I am going to try to get some pics from my rides to work, and if anyone else takes some, post them and we can have a nice sort of picture gallery or day. Here’s a flickr group for them, without any pics or members!

I will also buy a fancy coffee drink at Greenberry’s or Smart World Coffee for the first person to find out who the “one less car” guy is. Raul’s Empanadas for the first person to get this shirt:

I also think it is only a matter of time before this New Jersey slogan is refashioined into a pro-bike thing:



  1. Yumm, Raul’s. Love that spot.

    Denville has a Smartworld’s (where the old Starbucks used to be). Starbucks is moving across the street. A really decent place in Denville is Maras. Great desserts and good coffee.

  2. Oh sweet, I just realized there’s a Mara’s on Speedwell.

  3. Not satisfied with one bike flickr pool, I had to make another one for bike pics that are not really commuting! You can never have too many bike flickr groups!
    New Jersey & Bicycles = Perfect Together

    I’ll check out Mara’s! 🙂

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