Posted by: kendra | June 10, 2008

Creepy Girl’s Bike Ad from 1993

I was going to try to post something political, but it’s pretty hot out and I just can’t get it together.  Anyhow, I was looking at videos and stumbled on this huffy bike ad from 1993.  Is that a bike with a built-in makeup kit?  Is this real bike?  This commercial really creeps me out.  Ick.

I had to add a gender tag just for this video, tho I might have to add a creepy tag also. Ok, I did add a creepy tag.

Here’s a happier video for Schwinn where Billy Cates from Audubon, New Jersey wins a nifty new schwinn, tho he seems a little bit down about it, I think he might be planning to just sell it on the 1950s version of ebay, like a flea market. Also, while this is not a political post, it looks like Obama heard I was looking for pics of politicians and bikes and so he went for a ride last weekend.



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