Posted by: kendra | May 27, 2008

Hey, Here’s a Calendar!

I am trying out google calendar for bike things that anyone can add to.  If you have a bike thing and want to add it, try it out.  I think you might have ask for an account, or have a google account or something.  It only has a couple things on it right now, but I just woke up, give me a minute.  If someone has a better calendar to use, let me know.

Anyhow, try out this link until I figure out how to embed it: Pedal Pushers Google Calendar

Also want to remind people that the Morristown Bike Ride is this Friday, and that is on the calendar. Not on the calendar right now are things from the Bike Film Festival, which kicks off on Wednesday and runs through the weekend in the city, and has tons of fun awesome things that you should be at, except on Friday, when you should probably show up at the critical mass ride.



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