Posted by: kendra | May 8, 2008

Bike Video Thursday: Triple Feature Edition

Hey, here are 3 bike videos for a rainy Thursday! I meant to post the New Belgium one that Mike linked to last week, but then I had to go with Hoffman. So here’s that one, and 2 more. Yeah. I think Dean pointed me to the Monday video, which is awesome. Also this site is not connected to the pedal pushers from Milwaukee, but I would totally go on an eye of the tiger ride here.

New Belgium Brewing, Team Wonderbike, Bike More


Eye of the Tiger, ala the Pedal Pusher Society (from Milwaukee)



  1. loved Eye of the Tiger Video! Did you see the article in the Morristown paper about the Morris County bike group? It’s that new paper they put in the mail, I forget the name!

  2. Perhaps the group is the Free Wheelers who are in your link list?

  3. Yeah! I actually have never been on a freewheeler ride, I should try it out. I think my problem is I would probably not ride 200 miles for fun, but I might ride 50 miles 3 times to get to a good coffee shop, and then end up at a pub.

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