Posted by: kendra | May 6, 2008

Who Is Getting a Bike Rack in Morristown? (Last Update: 5/7)

Check inside for a list that should be updated once I hear about anyone new!

1. Century 21
2. Glassworks Studio (South Street)
3. Enjou Chocolates (De Hart)
4. Braunschweiger Jewelers (South)
5. Somerset Hills Bank (South)
6. Fitness Together (Market Street)
7. EmbroideMe (Pine Street)
8. Robert Lloyd Coutts Insurance (46 Washington)
9. Ricciardi Brothers (South Street)
10. Salon Botanique Eco-Chic (South Stret)
11. Swiss Chalet Bakery

Update: hey! I cannot tell you how many places I went in and they said none of their customers wanted to bike there! I had to tell my own bank that I WAS one of their customers. Let them know you are too. The banks insist noone rides a bike! They totally perk up when the find out they get their name on it tho!

Here are the places I went and dropped off a form and asked to get a bike rack, but I don’t think it would hurt if other people asked them about it too. Also want to say that Amli Apartments on Cattano were not very into it and said noone there wanted to ride a bike, but their new poster in the lobby window shows a woman walking her bike down the street. Also these places are heavy one side of town, because that’s how I get to work, if you work in the other direction, stop off and let people know about the whole bike rack thing.

Cat Hospital
Dr Savage (Maple)
Three Rivers Vet
Schenck, Price Law Firm (South Street)
Tito’s (Washington Street)
John’s Deli
Square Luggage
Running Store (South Street)
Community Theatre
You Mind Body Soul Center (South Street)
Commerce Bank
Commit to Change (by the train station, they said they were def getting one)
Raul’s Empanadas
Famished Frog
The Office
Art Association on Catherine Lane
Remedy Center
Presbyterian Church
Random Offices on Maple
Prudential Real Estate

If you are a business in Morristown and want a bike rack for your place, here’s the application! If you are just a regular type person and have convinced or even asked someplace to get a rack, let me know and I’ll add it!



  1. I was riding by Century 21 on Saturday and had some wheel trouble when I overheard some management types talk about the bike racks that they’d be installing. I was in a bit of a rush and annoyed at my wheel otherwise I would have butted into their conversation…

  2. yeah!!!

    I heard that they are going to install the two bike racks that they have had as samples, one is going in at century 21 and the other at town hall. I think they might be having a ribbon cutting ceremony this week, on bike to work day, but I’m not positive. I’ll bug some people and find out!

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