Posted by: kendra | May 1, 2008

Crazy Kids !

The Star-Ledger has an article here about some students from the environmental club at Bridgewater-Raritan High School who raised $2,000 over 4 years and offered it to high school for a bike rack. That is totally awesome!

Unfortunately, the school turned them down, saying:

“In as much as the district provides courtesy busing to students who live within walking distance of the high school, because of the danger on Garretson Road, it does (not) make sense, in my opinion, to promote the riding of bicycles to school”.

Here’s another couple choice paragraphs:

For students who insist on riding to school, Riccobono suggested chaining their bikes to the fence around the retention pond in the back of the school grounds, according to the letter. Students scoffed at the term “retention pond,” however, instead referring to the area as “the swamp.”

Environmental club member Alec Story noted the school spent a great deal of money to expand the senior parking lot to allow for spots for every senior. With the rising cost of fuel, to discourage students from a health-conscious, cost-free form of transport seems counterintuitive, Story said.

Anyhow, 50 kids rode their bikes to the school, and at least one said it was so much fun, that they are going to do it again.

Here’s some email addresses if you have some sort of opinion. OK, This part is edited! To email these people the domain name is so email them Dave points out that I was being rude by putting their email up here. Anyhow, you still have it just name . Ok!

James Riccobono, Principal: jriccobono
Superintendent Michael Schilder: mschilder

I hear this kind of argument around here, and I guess I don’t get it. It seems way more dangerous to drive to school than ride your bike, but the school provides parking. Plus if at least one kid is going to ride their bike, why not just have a rack? What if a teacher wanted to ride? it drives me crazy!

thanks for the link, dean!

Added May 6: BR Student Cyclists page



  1. This also just cracks me up because if I had spent my time in high school raising money for a BIKE RACK, instead of causing trouble, my parents and principal would have been pretty excited. The one girl in this article want to start a bike club! When did that become so crazy?

  2. We did actually start the Bike Club – it fell apart because we weren’t allowed to ride our bikes.

  3. Here’s a streetsbog post about it!

  4. ok, if anyone goes to this school or has some sort of follow-up to this story, I’d love to hear it. anonymous, that’s you! post here, or drop me a line at

    fight the power! join the bike club! 🙂

  5. Kendra,

    Way to get the story out there. It’d be great for some of these kids to film their bike ride to school. That would put it out there big time and probably get lots of watches.

    Maybe even get action by a major news network.

  6. bike forum thread on the bike rack thing

  7. They’d rather spend their money on worthless computers and a device to block students from using the internet than something that promotes healthy living like riding your bicycle. A**holes.

  8. Well, hold on a second, Mr. Hertz. I mean, I can see schools spending money on computers, but in this case they didn’t really have to spend money, since the kids were donating it.

    It will be interesting to see if the school follows up and tries to work out how to make the roadway safer for kids on bikes, if that was their big concern.

  9. Even worse, trust me, I speak from first hand experience. Maybe a bike rack would make the school look ugly when they want to show it off to the community. Then they would have to establish a rule that rates the ugliness of your bicycle and whether or not it can be kept in the rack so rich parents wouldn’t be disgusted.

  10. Plus If kids got to make the decision what they wanted in their own schools there would be total anarchy because maybe some kids might want to do something good for the environment instead of following the norm…like driving a shiny new SUV to school.

  11. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you, Kendra.

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