Posted by: kendra | April 24, 2008

Bike Racks are Coming

The city is offering to install bike racks right now in front of businesses and offices and whatever, but the businesses have to buy the bike racks and send in the form. They get a cute old timey looking bike rack with their business name on it, and I am pretty excited about it. I stopped by the Morristown Partnership, and it looks like they are just a few bike racks away from placing the first order.

If you work in an office in Morristown, please think about getting one of these awesome bike racks. Number one, cute. Number two, people will stop at your office on their bike. And number three YOU can use it! Think about biking around on your lunch hour. If you are a doctor, it will make you look totally committed to health! Right now most of the bike racks I know about are on South Street. Please tell your favorite bar and restaurant you want to bike to their place and hang out.

Here’s a link to the application! Yay, bikes!

p.s. I asked for a list of places that have already sent in their checks, and I only see one bank! Let’s get a move on all you Morristown banking folks around the green! I also talked to one apartment complex who said noone in their building wanted to ride a bike. If you live in an complex and want a rack, let your manager know!



  1. Bike to work week flyer, register for prizes.

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