Posted by: kendra | April 4, 2008

Hey! Have a good weekend!

I had a totally great day!

 First off, I headed out and it was raining and this business suit type guy stopped and looked at my bike and then gave me two thumbs up.  Nice!  Then I ran into Alison Miller, from the Unitarian Fellowship, and she said her sermon this week might mention bikes.  She also mentioned that there is another church downtown that has a green committee, and they are really interested in the bike lanes and whatnot.  Awesome.

Later, I headed out again on my bike and someone yelled at me from their SUV to get on the sidewalk and zoomed off.  Usually that really makes me very annoyed, but I was in such a great mood, that I really just enjoyed catching up with them at the next 4 lights and just stopping right next to them.  At the same time, I got 4 waves and one hi kendra from people on the sidewalks.  It was totally a Mayberry Moment.   I also saw a lot of other riders clearly riding to work and with packs and stuff, and one had a One Less Car shirt on.  Nice.   

I also heard that the Morris Museum has a really great exhibit right now on Green Building, and so might head off to that.  It runs through May 4. 

So anyhow, I hope you all have a great weekend, and just to start it off here’s a pic of Tony Soprano riding a bike around Convent Station.  Later! 

Tony Soprano Rides a Bike

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