Posted by: kendra | April 3, 2008

Books About Bikes

I finally seem have kicked the flu, tho I still have a tiny hacking cough.  If you see me pushing my bike around town now tho, it’s because I’m taking it easy and window shopping and not just trying to keep my lungs in my body.  Anyhow, I have been meaning to write about all the books I have picked up lately about biking.  Please note that I have not actually finished any of these books, but just want credit for buying them.  First, I picked up a copy of Bicycling and the Law:  Your Rights as a Cyclist, by Bob Mionske, with a foreword by Lance Armstrong.  It seems like a great book and interesting to jump around in, but I’m guessing much more interesting once you find yourself in some sort of legal glitchiness.  Then I picked up a copy of Bicycles, Bangs and Bloomers, because I am really interested in how bikes and woman’s suffrage tied together.  If you ever stumble across any info on that, I’d love to hear about it. 

Finally, I was at Penn Station this weekend, and missed the train home, so I had an hour to waste and went to the book store.  I was hoping to find a book about bike lanes and other bike facilities, but I didn’t.  What I did find was a totally awesome book written by a Political Science prof from Chicago called Pedal Power:  The Quiet Rise of the Bicycle in American Public Life.   The author, J. Harry Wray, writes in a very down to earth way about biking in this book and I love it.  I’m totally going to request it from the library, just to get them to buy a copy.  So far I’ve read the chapter on Amsterdam, and skipped ahead to the chapter on bike eccentrics, which seem just to people who ride to the grocery store.  Anyhow, please pick up this book and read it so I can have someone to talk to about it. 

 All the links in this post link to, so you can check the reviews, but I’m a huge fan of, where you can get used books cheap.  It’s all people sending them out from their houses or whatever, so sometimes there will be a problem, but you can always ask for a credit.  I sold about two billion books on it a few years ago; I wish it had been around when I was in college and needed rent money.   Anyhow, once I actually finish a book, I’m sure I’ll post it here so the entire internet will know that I did.  



  1. I think I was a little bit smug or smarmy with the comment about the chapter about bike eccentrics. The chapter actually features some people who are really dedicated to bicycling and as someone who has really felt like I was in the running for town oddball, I really appreciated reading their stories. I am actually running for town oddball, so please send your kendra for morristown townwide oddball to weird new jersey. thanks.

  2. You can count on my vote! 🙂 but can we add “loveable” to the description?

  3. Thank you! I think I could win hands down if I had a sash made up that said “loveable oddball” and just wore it around town.

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