Posted by: kendra | February 18, 2008

Lance Armstrong wants to turn Austin into Portland

I am pretty sure he got that idea from my obsession with turning Morristown into Portland.    Anyhow, he is going to open up a bike shop/cafe/commuter center in Austin. 

“This city is exploding downtown. Are all these people in high rises going to drive everywhere? We have to promote (bike) commuting,” Armstrong said Wednesday, gazing up at the towering 360 condos rising next to the site of his new shop. “This can be a hub for that.”  



The Morristown bike meeting is this Thursday, so hopefully they’ll be some local bike news after that.   



  1. Can Morristown be a Portland (or an Austin?) Will you be at the meeting Thursday? I hope so on both accounts…

  2. I am going to the meeting on Thursday; I’m really really busy this week with walking tho, so I’m hoping I don’t fall asleep at it.

    I think Morristown could be a great biking town, maybe some local lance could open up a bike commute center/cafe/bookstore.

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