Posted by: kendra | February 16, 2008

6 a.m. bike news: bike sharing seems really popular

I just read that a college in Wisconsin is giving bikes to any freshmen who agrees not to have a car on campus.  What was also interesting to me was that they are also moving parking lots to make them less convenient.   

London is starting up a new bike share plan, and people who want a bike will be able to use a metrocard type of thing to rent one of 6000 bikes.  Stands are going to be located about every 600 feet, and it looks like it is similar to one in France already.  A Seattle Hospital is launching a bike share program with 10 new Breezers.  Drexel University is starting a bike share thing, and so is Mercer College.  

Humana healthcare launched a bike share at their headquarters in Louisville, and collected info about who and how they were used.  12% of the users had never riden a bike before, and they were more popular with women than men.


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