Posted by: kendra | February 15, 2008

What is a Park?

Recently I read that there was  suggestion (from the mayor?) that the parking lot behind town hall lose half the parking spaces, and be turned into a park.  At first, I was like oh, dumb, because I have a bad attitude.  Anyhow, I have been thinking about Morristown and what I wish it was like.  I really wish there were places to hang out for adults that were fun for kids, but not necessarily for them.  I am not anti-kid, as I think I am still pretty immature, but I what I miss about towns that I loved is the feeling you could go somewhere or many somewheres and meet up with people you know or would get to know just by hanging out there and maybe there would be heated discussions or poetry readings or things I would later love or make fun of.  I think the new Green has some potential, with the chess boards and I’m pretty excited we have 2 coffee shops.  Some place funky and messy to hang out in would be good.

 Anyhow, back to the park thing.  I have no idea what the plan was, and can’t find the article, but who cares?  I’m not a politican and I can dream on.  Does it have to have grass?  Swings?  Flowers?  Well, ok, yes on the flowers.  What if it was just a parking lot painted green?  What if it had signs welcoming kids on their skateboards?  What if it had public art that some people hated?  What if local people decorated it without getting permits and insurance? Here’s a park in Milwaukee that is under a bridge, which they named the Media Garden, and set up to show movies (where they have their bike-in movies btw).


What I imagine was an empty space that is hard to use put to a great use.  That would be great behind city hall; what if any groups that wanted it could show movies there?  What if it was set up so town meetings could be outside and people wandering by could just meander over?   What if it had lots of tables and a coffee truck parked there?  Here’s a park in NYC where they just painted it green and put some tables and it’s good to go.

 Now that I’m thinking on it, my imaginary park behind city hall will probably get a lot of wacky things by the end of next week.  Let me know if you need any pinball machines added.  Maybe skeeball?  A place for music?  Maybe a community garden?



  1. Thanks for publicizing our videos at We have hundreds about biking, walking, and livable streets.

    I am gonna add a link to you guys to our list of great town blogs. Keep up the good work!

  2. As long as I’m still working on my imaginary park in my imaginary morristown, I’m going to put unicorns in the garage that has the lost bikes right in it right now, and fill up the next garage with candy.

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