Posted by: kendra | February 13, 2008

We Are Traffic

I have had a borrowed copy of a documentary called “We are Traffic” for a couple weeks and finally watched it.  It’s about how Critical Mass Started in San Francisco, and it was really interesting and bit moving.   

The dvd also comes with another short called “Return of the Scorcher,” and some extras.  The extras were awesome, because they showed some really innovative ways some cities make it easy to get around by bike, like on stairs up to the train in one clip there was a very skinny ramp in the middle of the stairs to roll your bike up.  By really innovative, I mean when you see some of the ideas, it seems dumb you haven’t thought of it before.  Duh!  One place had an enclosed parking garage at a school for bikes, which was just a big room and totally packed full.

Anyhow, the dvd can be ordered  from filmmaker Ted White’s website, or I might order another copy if you want to borrow it.  I found a copy of We Are Traffic on Google video, so check it out below.  




  1. Ride your ride.

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