Posted by: kendra | January 19, 2008


I really like to have a theme to work with, like blogs about bikes or songs about rain or whatever.  So when the holidays come around, I usually try to work with a theme for gifts for our nieces and nephews, and right now they are little enough that it works without me looking like a jerk for not knowing what they really want.  While we are pretty normal and boring, we do have the reputation in the families of being a little bit of the wacky aunt and uncle, and if you get that rep yourself, I suggest going with it.  It really frees you up to do a lot of stuff.  Anyhow, one year we went with the banned books for kids gifts.  One year it was age-inappropriate gifts, but that was mostly because I didn’t really think things through.  Oh well. 

 This year my theme was things kids would need helmets for and with the added bonus that it would make their parents nervous.    Anyhow, one gift got messed up and just arrived yesterday to our 2 year old nephew’s house and apparently already big hit, as he tried to ride it as soon as it was out of the box and his mom said he seems to be much better at it then the trike.  It’s called a LikeABike, and I totally bought into all the marketing hype that it is easier to learn on because it doesn’t have pedals, and that way little kids first learn to balance on it and then later can learn to pedal a bike, and they won’t need training wheels.    YouTube has a mess of videos of kids going like crazy on them.Here’s a promotional video, because you probably don’t get enough ads already:



  1. there’s nothing I like better than subversive gifts for children 😉

  2. That’s it.
    I gotta get this thing for my kid.

    I have visions of him on his like-a-bike going off big jumps in the woods with his dad. Aw shucks.

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