Posted by: kendra | January 14, 2008

Highway Biking


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  On one of the recent Morristown bicycle rides, people were standing around chatting before or after, and someone pointed out a rider who had ridden pretty far to come to the ride and mentioned that that person had permit from the state to ride on the highway. Freaky! I pretty much would just like to ride on South Street and not have people yell at me to get on the sidewalk, but if you want a permit to ride on the highway, here’s a link to the law and address you need to write to and ask for one.


Edited May 15, 2008:  See follow-up post here



  1. So I think in Weird New Jersey there was a story about the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike and Dave thinks that would be fun to ride on. After looking at pics of this bike ride I used to illustrate this blurb, I think it would be fun to have few hundred people tooling up and down 287.

  2. I can’t believe I just said tooling?

  3. I bet you’d get drafted along pretty well on the shoulder of a well traveled highway, I’d imagine you could go REally fast, not that it’d be much fun, Watch those on/off ramps, glass, grit, exhaust! The poor chum who needs to bike on the highway must have no safer alternative. The Bike NY ride has some highway riding and it is a great feeling without autos. That PA Tpk looks cool. Old unused roads rule to ride. There are lots of em around where I live. Very useful on a bike. Coupla railroad trails too. Morris Canal towpath is everywhere and is my favorite to tool around on. Forgotten decaying roads, kinda spooky/pretty but they actually connect to different neighborhoods around here, they’re a good alternative to the main roads. I’ve got my Bianchi set up to be a kind of go everywhere quickly bike, I can ride it all day on pavement and it handles really well on the dirt of railroadtrails, fire/jeep roads, old farm roads, towpaths.

  4. […] on the highway and did this at rush hour on 287. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Highway Bikinghighway to ellen!HitchhikingThe dismantling of infrastructure for small change No Comments so far […]

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