Posted by: kendra | January 12, 2008

Apartments and Condos: Where do you keep your bike?


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I was poking around looking for one thing on google, and then got totally distracted by this thread about some green building in New York and how it is sorely lacking in bike storage for tenants and sending out letters about not leaving your bike in the hallway. In our place, we are pretty lucky that the landlord lets us stick the bikes in the basement. When we have looked at places to buy, they always come with parking spaces, but not a place to put our bikes. I always wondered if a condo place would let me install a bike locker in my parking space if I did buy it. Anyhow, I wonder where the Epstein’s place and the places by the train station will have to put bikes? Anyone familiar with the projects know?   If you live in an apartment or condo, where do you keep your bikes?



  1. in one of my apartments that didn’t have storage space, i used to use one of those heavy duty over the door hooks, and hung it from that on the outside of a door that wasn’t used daily but where it had space to swing when it was even with the bike on it, and wasn’t in too narrow of an area to walk past it.

    others of my friend used to park them in hallways inside their apartment, in the area where washer and dryer would be if they didnt have them, or on one wheel against one side inside a closet that had space.

  2. In our last apartment, I stuck all my bike stuff in the basement, and while we were out of town the landlord suddenly felt like cleaning out the space and threw it all out. I was just glad I left my bike at Marty’s to get fixed up before we left.

    I guess I just don’t like keeping inside the apartment, because then I have to haul it up a couple flights of stairs and I never clean it off, and now I’m getting a little collection of bikes and it’s not that big in here.

  3. I have a house now and keep my 2 biles in the shed. I moved my original bike (38 years old)with me through 6 moves. Mostly because of lack of anyplace else to keep it, I kept it right in the apartment, although now I can’t recall where it would have fit in some of the places I’ve lived. No closets, no hallways – hmmm. I also got it tuned up a lot, yet I haven’t ridden it probably since I started moving it. (You could safely call me a pack rat.)

  4. I’d love to see your bike!

    Here’s a pic of a bike room from the thread I linked to earlier; that would be so awesome if some of the new condos had these.

  5. yes, a real antique. I started riding before I was born. It’s a 10 speed. The other is a huffy mtn bike. Heavy! But I wanted to look cool.

  6. Dave points out that if we did ever get a condo and there wasn’t a bike rack I could just buy a crappy van and use that as bike storage! Clever!

  7. Think of the possibilities for Kendra Walks the Dogs Part 2! Kendra finds a homeless person living in her van…the Condo ass’n assumes the van must be abandoned and has it towed…Kendra has to drive the van when bike is in repair ship and gets ticket for loud muffler…

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