Posted by: kendra | January 11, 2008

when it smells like rain and the clouds are grey

Cycling through the rainOriginally uploaded by

I was planning on a post about what you need to bike when it rains, but basically I think you just need the same things you do if you were going to walk around and it was raining.   Fenders are nice tho, and rain gloves are good too.   I also highly recommend the plastic bag or two on the bike seat.  So now you are ready to ride!  Here’s a little essay on Why Biking in the Rain is Fun.  If you need some music to get going, here’s every video I could find with songs about rain:

There must be a million more songs about rain, right?



  1. So Central Rain
    It’s Raining

  2. When I asked Dave if he knew any songs about rain, he emailed me this list, I’ll add videos as soon as I can find any for them:

    Black Sheets Of Rain by Bob Mould
    Commercial Rain by Inspiral Carpets
    Drain You by Nirvana
    End Of The Rainbow by Barbara Manning
    English Rain by The Wake
    Fake Rain by Parts & Labor
    I Love The Rain by The Real Tuesday Weld
    In The City In The Rain by The 6ths
    Is That A Rifle When It Rains? by Gastr Del Sol
    It Keeps On Raining by Gwen McCrae
    It’s Raining by Quasi
    Madrín Rain by The Pogues
    Mendocino/Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head by Yo La Tengo
    My Rain by Boris With Michio Kurihara
    Rain by Cringer
    Rain Boa Bye by Flowchart
    Rain King by Sonic Youth
    Rain On by Dirty Three
    Rain On Me by Poster Children
    Rain Street by The Pogues
    Rainbo Conversation by Stereolab
    Rainbow by Boris With Michio Kurihara
    Rainbow Dust by susumu yokota
    Rainbow Man by The Pogues
    Rainbow Over Stadtautobahn by Thomas Fehlmann
    Rainfall by Apples In Stereo
    Rainstorm Blues by Flying Saucer Attack
    She’s A Rainbow by The Rolling Stones
    So. Central Rain by R.E.M.
    Sound of the Rain by The Dils
    Sound Of The Rain by The Dils
    Standing In The Rain by Husker Du
    Still Rain Fell by Hood
    Stop the Rain by Suede Crocodiles
    The Summer Rain by Smokey And Miho
    Wonderful Rainbow by Lightning Bolt
    Yodogawa Acid Rain by Chesterfield

  3. every time it rains (charlotte martin)


  4. I like Daves obscuro rain song list….Suede Crocodiles??? hahaha

    Ah Great, now I gotta go crank my stereo!

    I like a hat or helmet with a visor pulled close over my face when I’m riding in rain. But yeah, like that blog you linked, its nice to look up into the rain and cool off.

  5. i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

  6. I actually think it has to be #2, at least for me, as sadly I have been Rocking Around the Christmas Tree for about 18 years.

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