Posted by: kendra | January 11, 2008

I just about had a heart attack in a good way!

Van Dessel

I was coming home after a pretty iffy day, and I was nearly home, when I turned off Maple onto Market Street.   I glanced over at the store that used to be the car stereo place, and it was full of bikes!  Since I am pretty nosy and whatever, I let myself in and asked what they were doing.  It turns out that it is a brand of bikes called Van Dessel, and that’s where they are going to be putting them together.  I think that’s the story.  I was so excited, I really have no idea what they were saying, but I did get that it was Van Dessel bikes, and they are now in Morristown, and that is about the best thing I’ve heard all week. It looks like they  have some road bikes, a track bike, a couple cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes and under other bikes they have this bike called Country Road Bob.  

Country Road Bob
It’s like part of my imaginary Morristown just came true! 


  1. Thats awesome! They make fast bikes! The company also has (or maybe had) offices and I think workshop in Dover.

  2. I think maybe they are moving from Dover to Morristown? We walked by there today and they seemed pretty busy unpacking.

  3. […] was just over a year ago that I predicted that Morristown could be the new Portland based on Van Dessel moving into the old auto s… Well, it might take a little bit longer, because now they find a better deal on rent and are moving […]

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