Posted by: kendra | January 10, 2008

My Imaginary Morristown is So Great

Leprechaun bicycleOriginally uploaded by Anders B.

The last couple of days the weather has been freakishly warm and I really still am pretty pysched about the one bike rack I saw in town. So as I was riding around, I continue to pretend that Morristown loves bikes and there are bike racks in front of the grocery stores and coffee shops and bars, and flowers are blooming and everyone waves and says things like “keep on truckin’!’ only we are on bikes.One thing I have people say to me as I am riding around my imaginary Morristown, is that they would like to ride their bikes, but they are scared of the traffic. So it is not just me. I hear all the time that ladies would love to be out there riding their bikes and letting their hair get crazy in the wind, but would like to know that cars are not going to run them over. Anyhow, here’s another story about my brigadoon city, Portland, and how they are putting in bike boxes at some intersections, which seems to make it much clearer where the bikes and cars line up at cross streets.  


 My Imaginary Morristown has these all over the town! Yay!



  1. I don’t know any ladies that want to get their hair messed up riding a bike to work. Except maybe those crazy Ladies’ Rock Camp ladies.

  2. I think alot of people new to road biking, myself included, start off fearing traffic passing from behind but from what I’ve read and experienced you really gotta look out for whats ahead. Of course you gotta know whats going on behind you but cars that wanna cross you are out there. I dunno why but some drivers dont see you no matter what you do, but the cool thing about bikes is they stop pretty darn fast and if you gotta, you can leave the road, just steer to a safe spot, a yard, parking lot, sidewalk (gasp!) The superkeen bike senses develop pretty quickly and the confidence that comes with them is very good.

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