Posted by: kendra | December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays and Stuff!

I have been totally swamped lately, and now I’m off to North Carolina to visit my folks and stuff.  Anyhow, I will totally be back for the Morristown Bicycle Ride on December 28, and am going to have another too-many-empanadas party, so if you need directions, drop me a line!     

I also got the best present EVER today!  It’s a felt coffee sleeve thing with a bike pic on it.  AWESOME.  It looks like the person who made it has an etsy shop, so you too can have a cool coffee cozy.   I used it right away and insisted on showing it off to everyone I met, and I could tell by their guarded disinterest that they were totally jealous. 

Bike Coffee Sleeve by Klaar

 All right then!  I’m off, but I have tons of ideas for posts, so stay tuned or something!   Have a good one! 

p.s.  If you need string lights for your bike, rite-aid has 2 dif kinds that are battery powered!   They are blinky!


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