Posted by: kendra | December 10, 2007

Morristown Shopping

Grocery Shopping with her TricycleOriginally uploaded by NYCArthurI ran across an article somehow linked to the Copenhagen site Dean posted about that I have been sort of thinking about all week. This blog post argues that people on bicycles are better shoppers; that they purchase less on every visit to a shop, but that they go much more often. It claims that people on bikes shop 11 times to someone in a car who shops 7 times.

I do think I shop differently when I get in a car than I do on my bike. If I need groceries, and only have my bike, I go to King’s or A&P, or the Health Shoppe. Otherwise, if I can get a ride, I go to Whole Foods or Stop & Shop. I also used to go to TJ Maxx all the time when I did have a car. Now I go to Century 21, but I wish there was someplace in Morristown that had reasonably priced clothes that don’t make think of Aboslutely Fabulous. So while I started off thinking about that and trying to see how that would fit into a post about Morristown, I mostly started thinking about shops in Morristown. Ok, so we have a lot of banks, in case you have not noticed. Let’s say all the banks just up and left, or at least half of them bought each other out and we had a lot of stores to fill. What kind of stores would you want, especially if you were going to walk or ride..or what kind of stores would get people to come here? Is it the same thing?

 I also tried to think of stores I would really miss if they left. So I actually made a real list of all these things, but I lost it somewhere on my desk, so here’s a very slim bit of what I remember:Stores That I really Like and would like in Morristown:

1.  A Book Store

2.  Fishs Eddy

3. Game Store (Dave’s only contribution)

4. Clothing Store that is not expensive

5. Whole Foods (I’m sorry, I just like it.)

6. I wish the Y was in town

7. I would like one place that serves scrambled tofu for breakfast. I am not even saying a totally vegetarian restaurant, it would just be great if someplace just could make some sort of vegetarian thing without cheese. Ok, I am saying a totally vegetarian restaurant, but I would accept the baby step of scrambled tofu. 

 Things I would Miss:

1. Thrift Stores (Junior League, Bargain Box, Market Street Mission Store)

2. All Coffee Shops

3. Midtown Wine Merchant

4. Commit to Change Pilates(even tho I haven’t been in a year, I visit all the time in my mind. I feel taller!

5. Used bookstore behind Double D’s (I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s awesome)

6. Raul’s Empanadas

7. Andaman Sea Recipes

8. Morristown Madams Roller Derby: I have only been once, but I think it’s awesome they are around, and make Morristown a lot more interesting.9. OH! Marty’s!

I’m sure there’s more, but I’d be interested in hearing what anyone else would miss or wants in Morristown, shopping/eating wise.



  1. I would also add a camping sort of store.

  2. 1. A kitchen and Garden shop combo
    2. Independent Book Store ( Have you been to Sage’s Pages in Madison?)
    3. Epsteins
    4. A better diner
    5. A crafts store
    9. Epsteins
    10. Shoes – but not a chain store
    11. Just something interesting!!

  3. Did I mention Epsteins?

  4. Kendra, you live car free? Props! That is awesome!
    The Whole Foods in Madison seems bikeable for you, no? Its a bit far, 10 miles round trip or so? So it’d have to be a combo trip of exercise/grocery getting.

    As far as stores in Morristown, the thing that stuck out at me from your lists is Beth’s “just something interesting”.

    I’ve been thinking about that awhile. The shopping culture of my peers seems to be based on convenience. They’d much rather drive to a Walmart or the dreaded mall for one stop shopping rather than walk/bike a downtown to buy from moms & pops. I dont understand it. I know people choose convenience over quality and I know people have limited shopping time and will do anything to save a buck but is’nt it far more interesting to walk a downtown than walk the mall?
    Is it worth maybe spending a little more time and money to buy something interesting from a unique store thats family run? I think it is.
    Does the ‘interesting’ override the need to save time & money? For me, yes, it does.

    I’ll be in Morristown soon to do some x-mas shopping in hopes of avoiding the mall. I should probably bike there.

    Stores I like/liked patronizing in mo’town:
    Rico Pan (good empinada’s, no tax!)
    Star Music
    the toy store (gone)
    book store in the old house near the church(is that gone?)
    party supply store
    my father used to run a car electronics store in mo’town, I remember there used to be a 300ZX parked out front loaded up with all the best stereo stuff to blast & drum up business.

  5. Time Out, I forgot one – The Community Theater or whatever its called now is a nice place to see a show. A few years back I saw Dave Brubeck there. He took a bow after almost every song. If I remember correctly the place was dark & dusty with bare concrete floors. Could that be right? It was maybe 7 years ago.

  6. The bookstore is indeed gone and the Community Theater has been revamped and is all fancy now. It’s got a new name too but I still call it the Community Theater. I saw David Sedaris there in October, and last year my friend Terry was part of a photo exhibit upstairs.

  7. I might be car-free, but Dave isn’t, so when I say things like ‘if I can get a ride,” I really mean when I tell Dave to drive me to Whole Foods. We could ride our bikes there, but he needs a bike with baskets for that. Maybe get some sort of cargo trailer and try it in the summer? Hrm!

    I saw David Sedaris the year before at the community theatre, altho I had a giant martini right before we went, so I actually couldn’t hear him that great and saw two of him. Next time, only wine spritzers.

    Another thing I wish Morristown had was a flea market antique thing. Right now we browse at the Grange in Meyersville, which has a flea market on Sundays during the winter. NYC has a few parking garages where they rent out booths every weekend and it’s awesome. Now with all those parking spaces, might as well put the old garage to good use! 🙂

  8. A really good paper store with handmade paper, marbled paper from Italy, rice paper from Japan, etc. – Along the lines of what Kate’s Paperie used to be, or better yet, the no longer existent 80 Papers in Soho. Some hand bookbinding tools and books would be cool as well. Stationery and Writing paper, wax and seals, too.

    Fewer chain stores, more independent merchants.

    By the way, has anyone been in the Italian Art Supply Store on Maple? Very mysterious….

  9. p.s. not only a book store, but also a used book store.

  10. Now that you bring it up, I never have seen anyone going in the Italian Art Store — it looks like it might be a mail order supply place?

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